Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour March 31, 2012: We All Need To Do Our Part

We as people need to help the planet, we as people have helped make the planet the way it is now and for one hour out of our lives we can give back by turning the lights, TVs, Computers etc off.
This will help the resources that the Earth needs to help us feed our needs of our daily lives of computers all our gadgets and the cars that spew venom into the atmosphere.
Tonight at 8:30 PM where ever you might live I hope that you do that for yourself and all the others on this planet, for our children, our grandchildren etc, etc. Just do it because it's right.
I would LOVE to hear in the comments what people did with their time during that hour.

Even  Universal Studios and the creators of Despicable Me have changed the Lorax's moustache green in honor of Earth Hour.

I just think it is inspiring to see so many catching on to something so universal like this to help all that are on this planet.
In closing here is this years video for the campaign.

Also let me know if you went over an hour and what your plans are for change in your life to better help this planet evolve.
I choose to walk or ride my bicycle to work and elsewhere, I have no car beyond the fact I do not have a drivers license and cannot afford one. Also I like the air the space I am in when I walk or ride it gives me a freedom a vehicle never can.
Take Care of each other please & our planet it's the only one we have.
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Anthony Nadeau

Friday, March 30, 2012

Love For All Things Metal-4ARM!! Thrash is Back!!

This is getting to be a great year for Heavy Metal with 3 Inches of Blood and their current release "Long Live Heavy Metal" and there is another band that is making waves at least as far as my ears are concerned.
They are 4ARM from Australia and they have a sound like old Metallica and Slayer and I LOVE their sound.

Let's see if you agree with me or not.
I have posted this video before but their New video got posted today and I will have that next.

This song is the title track from their explosive album of the same name:

Here is their NEW video that they posted on their Facebook page about an hour before I wrote this and now with two videos for this AWESOME album I had to share for those that have not heard them before!

Track Listing for 4ARM:
Submission For Liberty

01. Sinn Mact Frei
02. While I Lie Awake
03. Raise A Fist
04. Submission For Liberty
05. The Oppressed
06. I Will Not Bow
07. Taken Down
08. My Fathers Eyes
09. The Warning
10. Blood Of Martyrs

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Love For All Things Metal: Exclaim!.ca Streaming Entire 3 Inches of Blood Album

With their new album coming out Tuesday March 26, 2012 they have now released their third song from their "Long Live Heavy Metal", the band is ever impressing me with their sound.

Exclaim. ca Streaming entire 3 Inches of Blood till March 26, 2012

Produced by Terry "Sho" Murray (City of Fire, Exhibitionists), the astounding twelve track achievement offers an explosion of sound, setting new standards for classic heavy metal. Fans can expect a blast of pure metal assured to leave no face unmelted

Pre-orders for Long Live Heavy Metal are now live and available 
exclusively through  There are a number of t-shirt and 
CD bundles and a limited pressing of 666 gold-coloured double LP and
 t-shirt packages.  Pre-orders are available here.   

They are starting their Canadian Dates with
headliners Devildriver tomorrow night.

Metal Alliance Tour 2012 Website

On my interview with Shane Clark I had included the first video of the recording sessions. Here is both video sessions.

For more information on 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, please visit:
"Metal Alliance Tour 2012" - CANADIAN DATES
3/23/2012 - Montreal, QC @ Le National
3/24/2012 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
3/28/2012 - Winnipeg, MB @ Garrick Centre
3/29/2012 - Regina, SK @ Riddell Centre
3/30/2012 - Edmonton, AB @ Edmonton Event Centre
3/31/2012 - Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre

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See you at the show!!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

On The shelf : The books they are dying

Announced two days ago that the Encyclopedia Britannica is going away from book form and is only going to be online digitally is astounding.
This picture(above)is of the first set of the series of books dated 1798.

There were many an add for the encyclopedias whether it be in a paper or magazine or even television.

Here is a commercial from the late 80's on this great book series.

So the Encyclopedia Britannica will be available online digitally, but there is few people that will use that over Wikepedia.

Here is the link to their site.


Onto some other sad news that Book Warehouse here in the Vancouver Area said yesterday that it is closing all of its locations down.
This is a GREAT book store I have been to two of the locations and came out of their West 10th store with about 15 books one day.
Such a sad state of where things are going, call me crazy but I love holding a book in my hand with everything going digital where are the blind or people that cannot read regular size print to go?

               Book Warehouse Closing video from Global BC

Sad to see all this happening.
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Love For All Things Metal NEW music found again

Once again looking at UV TV website and I found some bands again that I quite enjoy the sounds of 

This is a band from Sydney, Australia called
Nirtrogods this is off their self titled album

Cool video and song.

“Bloodbath” is the new video from Greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS. The song is the title track of the band’s new album, which was released on January 27 via NoiseArt Records. The CD features cover artwork by Ed Repka, who has previously worked withMEGADETH and DEATH, and who was responsible for the cover to last year’s “Dead Again”.

“Caged In” is the new video from Louisiana rockers LILLIAN AXE. The song comes off the band’s new album, “XI: The Days Before Tomorrow”, which was released in Europe on January 27 through Germany’s AFM Records and in North America on February 14 via CME Records.

“Darkness Within” is the new video from Sydney, Australia-based metallers DRAGONSCLAW. The track comes off the group’s debut album, “Prophecy”, which was released in January via Arkeyn Steel Records.

“Over The Edge” is the new video from the Milan, Italy-based female-fronted rock/metal act EXILIA. The clip was filmed in Berlin, Germany with director Oliver Sommer from Ava Studios. The video’s concept is inspired by a weird surreal short tale from Roald Dahl.

Then onto some news of two big Canadian Metal Festivals the first being in Toronto.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCHKILLSWITCH ENGAGECANNIBAL CORPSEKATAKLYSM and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are among the newly confirmed bands for the Heavy T.O. festival, set to take place August 11-12 at Downsview Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Saturday, August 11:


Sunday, August 12:


Tickets are on sale now at

Then Montreal gets the same festival the same weekend but the groups are flipped to different days of course.

Heavy MTL will return to Montreal, Qebec, Canada at Parc Jean-Drapeau on August 11 and August 12.

As of now, weekend passes for Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 at Parc Jean-Drapeau are going on sale via, by phone at (514) 790-2525 or 1-877-668-8269 in person at the Bell Centre box office.

As a special offer, clients who buy Reserved Seating Weekend Passes and the first 500 clients who buy General Admission Weekend Passes are entitled to receive a download of the new album from Serj Tankian of SYSTEM OF A DOWN that is scheduled for release this August and one download of SCARS OF BROADWAY's new album coming this fall. Two full album downloads per individual ticket purchase. More details and redemption instructions to follow.

The Heavy MTL festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Saturday, August 11:


Sunday, August 12:


A few more bands will be added to this lineup and other events that will take part of the festival will be announced soon. 

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Allot of this information is compiled from UVTV and Blabbermouth.Net as sources for this information
Anthony Nadeau

KISS Meets Mini Golf & Wedding

Well yesterday it happened the band KISS has done it again and had many of us scratching our heads and saying why?
But they have launched the KISS Mini Golf & Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Here they are exciting the plane after their arrival yesterday in Las Vegas and there were many that were waiting at the Mini Golf for their arrival.
They then went to the building next to the Hard Rock Hotel and that is where the Golf & Chapel are.
1) The front door to the VIP lounge is a hand crafted replica of the door from The Elder cover.
2) The stage for Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel is a reproduction of the Love Gun cover with marble floors and pillars.
3) The entrance to the place is a hand painted replica of giant KISS statues in their Destroyer poses standing on top of a giant golf ball.
4) In a corner by the 9th hole is a replica of a KISS stage with four life size KISS figures that will move animatronically on a timer.
5) The KISS gift shop has seemingly everything you can buy on their website right in front of you.
6) The cafe is shaped like the K in KISS' logo, and has three tv sets playing three different KISSOLOGY DVDs simultaneously without audio.
7) There is a DJ booth in another corner of the course with the entire KISS iTunes catalog on shuffle.
8) 20-foot replicas of Paul's cracked mirror guitar, Gene's axe bass and Ace's custom Les Paul on different holes of the course. Yes, they will smoke and spit blood as well. 
KISS By Monster Mini Golf is the first-of-its-kind indoor glow-in-the-dark custom-designed, rockin’ 18-hole miniature golf course and will also host a state-of-the-art arcade, the largest KISS gift shop in the world, A KISS Gallery, the “Hotter Than Hell” Wedding Chapel, a private VIP Room, FANtastic KISS themed event rooms and the “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” CafĂ©. KISS By Monster Mini Golf is located at 4503 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 in the Shoppes at Harmon Square across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

There they cut a banner celebrating the opening of the venue and then Paul & Gene attended some of the weddings and Tommy Thayer got the first hole in one on the course.
I understand that Tommy is the only golfer in KISS and he has an 11 handicap.
They also held a contest where Tommy was one of the judges it was entitled a KISS Off, and 20 bands competed , all that are KISS tribute bands and here is a video of the winners:
This is the band MR. Speed with their cover of
Modern Day Delilah!
The singer sounds allot like Paul Stanley in this song.

• Performing in the open lot at the attraction’s entrance was Mr. Speed of Cleveland, winners of the KISS-Off band competition held at Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English in January. Remarkably, two members of one of the bands who competed that day, KISS Forever of Budapest, Hungary, showed up to take part in the opening ceremony.(

Now here is another video of the opening of the venue Mini Golf
• A sampling of KISS-licensed products on sale at the attraction’s gift shop: ceramic coffee mugs and bowls, action figures that sing a variety of KISS classics (“Beth” and “Rock and Roll Over” among them), a sculpture of KISS members as Mount Rushmore figures, drum skins from the “Psycho Circus” tour, full stage costumes, clocks, incense burners, wigs for kids and adults and KISS-fashioned Mr. Potato Head toys. Someone mentioned KISS-licensed condoms were for sale, and the fact that I didn’t find any doesn’t mean that is not true (
Here is the last video of the day where Paul & Gene are both in this couple's wedding.
(this is from

• A couple who bid $15,000 on eBay for the right to be the first to be married at the attraction’s wedding chapel were thrilled at the ceremony, which was attended by all band members (Stanley and Simmons were invited to stand with the wedding parties). The joyous occasion was officiated by Las Vegas’ busiest little person, Brian “Lowercase g” Thomas, who is in fact an ordained “mini-ster” presiding over his first nuptials.
In closing here is KISS in a semi-reunion of sorts performing one their best songs and the anthem for KISS, Peter Criss & Ace Frehley were there as well, when they went accoustic for MTV Unpugged.
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(excerpts from

Thursday, March 15, 2012

35 years ago Three's Company was born

Three's Company will always have a place in my heart the mishaps and the classic misunderstandings that happened in every episode.
Based on the British series "Man About The House" with a definite spin on things American style, this grew to be one of the most watched shows of all time.
With the best friends Jack & Larry to Janet & Chrissy Mr & Mrs Roper Mr Furley & Lana the cast was not huge but it's work ethic and family feel backstage made it feel more real.

There was Mr. Roper who totally objected to Jack staying in the apartment , so Janet & Chrissie tell Mr. Roper that Jack is gay and there are so many things said and expressed that would not fly today as it is just not proper to do so.
He would often raise his hand to signal the ringing of a bell and call Jack a Tinkerbell.
Regardless of all that there were many times that Mr Roper  was helped by Jack and things were better but the second he felt something was happening Jack was out of there.
It was a very sexual show and that is where allot of the ratings boards at the time had problems with it.

This is from The Spokane Daily Chronicle
May 15, 1978
Sears, Roebuck & Co., says it's withdrawn it's advertising from the TV shows "Charlie's Angels" & "Three's Company" because the programs had too much sex.
A Sears spokesman  said the withdrawals are in keeping with a continuing policy that the Sears commercials have been withdrawn for about 70 shows-including Made for Tv movies-in the last year.
Other recent withdrawls he said are "Barnaby Jones" & "The Six Million Dollar Man"
That being said their own catalog that year for Christmas would have pictures of butt shapers etc.

This will always be one of my favorite shows of all time, to the point the family watches them quite often as we have the entire series on DVD now

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RUSH to win Lifetime Achievement Award!!

Ever since my older brother played "All The World's A Stage" three record set recorded live by this amazing band I have been hooked.
I was fascinated with the drums from the time I had heard The Beatles, but when I heard what Neil Peart was doing on the drums this was so exciting.
Then as I grew older and could understand time signatures and breaks etc , I was able to drum to most of what I heard, RUSH included.
With their incredible musicianship I am always amazed at the amount of incredible music they are constantly bringing out, I have bought all their albums over their career.

I have always marvelled the first few times that I hear the newest album and wonder how they make all this music together and they perform it with such ease as well.

(RUSH at Rogers Arena June 30, 2011, Vancouver BC, Canada.)
picture by Anthony Nadeau
I have now been fortunate(yes fortunate)enough to see them a mere  3 times as previous as last year on their tour for the 30th Anniversary of Moving Pictures.

I saw their previous tours of "Presto" & "Roll The Bones"

The amazing thing about these three men is their fun they always seem to be having while playing, they REALLY enjoy it and are soo good at it.
If I ever had the  chance to meet them I would just like to shake their hands and thank them for all the years of GREAT music it is an honor to meet them, but that is me and millions of other people.
Just three men growing up that wanted to play music and never apologized for doing their own thing musically and thank god they did.

They have received many awards for their music over the years.

Rush has won the following Juno awards:
  • 1975 Most promising group of the year
  • 1978 Group of the year
  • 1979 Group of the year
  • 1990 Artist of the Decade (80's)
  • 1991 Best Hard Rock/Metal album - Presto
  • 1992 Hard Rock album of the year - Roll the Bones
  • 2004 Music DVD of the year - Rush in Rio
  • 2011 Music DVD of the year - Beyond The Lighted Stage

  • December 1990 - Rush wins Mayor's Award at the Toronto Music Awards.
  • October 1992 - Rush is a recipient of the Harold Moon Award by the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN
  • May 1993 - Rush is inducted into the Harvard Lampoon and named “Musicians Of The Millennium”.
  • October 1993 - Rush is a recipient of the Toronto Arts Award.
  • March 1994 - Rush inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame
  • May 1996 - Lee, Lifeson, and Peart are made Officers of the Order of Canada, the first rock musicians so honored.
  • December 1996 - Performance magazine, a publication for the touring industry, nominated Rush as "Rock Act of the Year" for their 1996 Performance Readers Poll Awards.
  • May 1997 - The Foundation Forum and F Musicfest have announced Rush this year's recipient of the "Concrete/Foundations Outstanding Contribution to Music Award. Rush joins a distinguished list of receipts including Van HalenKissOzzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper
  • May 1999 - Rush inducted into Canada's Walk Of Fame in Toronto.
  • January 2000 - Rush has topped JAM! Music's online poll, which determines them "Best Canadian Musicians of All Time".
  • 2003 - Inducted into the CMW Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.
  • June 2008 - The band was selected by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star will be presented in 2009.
  • 2009 - The song "Tom Sawyer" ranked number 19 on VH1's "100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs".
  • March 28, 2010 - Rush inducted into the Canadian Songwriter's Hall of Fame.
  • June 25, 2010 - Rush received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 6752 Hollywood Boulevard.
  • December 30, 2011 - Rush received Best Live Act of the Year award, it was awarded to them by the digital radio station Planet Rock (radio station).

I am not sure if you know it or not but American Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh has been in a lot of hot water for a few things. He has been playing music on his show that he is not allowed to play, most notably RUSH.
Their lawyer sent a cease & desist letter to his people.
Here is the article as it appeared in 
The Hollywood Reporter
March 7th, 2012

So let me get to what we are all here for 
The Award
For those of you that do not know Ronnie James Dio was a GOD amongst people that love Heavy Metal music.
The man sang for Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Dio they were all great bands and he lost is battle with stomach cancer May 16, 2010. He was a HUGE loss to the metal community and this award was made in his name.

This April 11, 2012 they will be given this great award for their Lifetime of music and I cannot wait to see this.

Then on May 29, 2012 they will release "Clockwork Angels"
this song is "Caravan"

This is my look at the concert last year:

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