Friday, March 2, 2018

Brand New Episode of THE NASHOUSE!! March 1, 2018

Third time is the charm for this entertaining video segment from Nashville. First it was called "The Pickup", then they switched gears this year to "New Nash Now"---for the final product folks we now give you "The Nashouse"

"The Nashouse is a bi-weekly series featuring the hottest entertainment news from Music City, USA! Brought to you by G-Force Music Group, The Nashouse is hosted and co-produced by Adam Wurtzel, featuring celebrity interviews with your favorite country music artists. Sit back and get ready for an exclusive experience as we take you inside The Nashouse."

So here we go:

I am thankful once again to be able to host this show on my blog, thank you to Ryan Grubb for allowing me to do so.

Thank you for watching and tune in next time for 
The Nashouse

Anthony Nadeau