Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jocelyn Pettit

My brother in laws niece Jocelyn who I met at his wedding to my sister this past weekend she and her mother performed at the wedding. Later in the day I found out that Jocelyn has her own CD out entitled simply Jocelyn Pettit.
At the young age of 14 she had it pressed at The Factory Studios in Vancouver BC it is a 12 song cd and she shows that she has all the gifts to be a contender as she was nominated last year for 2 Canadian Folk Awards held in Winnipeg, Canada.
The music is Celtic and her mother Siew Wan Khoo and father Joel Pettit both back her up on the CD.
I told her I would help her in terms of pushing her abit

I am listening to her CD right now and am enjoying it allot and hope that her music touches you

She is a very warm and bright child and has a number of shows coming up including The BC Highland Games June 25th at 1 pm  and a date in Lilloet for the Summer Concert Series July 8th at 7 pm

I wish her all the best in her career as a performer and will continue to support her work.

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Anthony Nadeau


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