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Reviews of recent movies watched

Cry of the Owl (2009)

He starts a new life in his new town and suddenly is taken by the young woman down the road, he watches her from afar at her home. Noting that he only watches her when she cooks or cleans, he justifies his actions by saying "Nothing more". She invites him in and from there the movie breaks out on a whole different circle, twists & turns also some shocking parts.
David Lynch comes to mind for some feelings of "Twin Peaks" in this film as the town is a sleepy little town, not much happens.
The cast is solid in their roles it just had potential for more but, is he the owl? or is he death?
I was saddened by the gloom but invigorated to watch this unfold, another film unheard of but yet enjoyed. 

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Cry Of The Owl(Julia Styles)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010)

This is a much darker film in the series, Harry now a teenager had issues with some of the tasks at hand, however pulls them off with ease.
There are scenes of REAL darkness however I am sure when J.K Rowling wrote this part of the series she also considered that the readers of the past are now themselves teenagers and with the popularity with Twilight and the like, she felt a need to go deeper.
The cast is great(as usual)sometimes they get abit long in the tooth with the dialogue ,however being a horror fan myself I enjoyed the darker side. I felt nervous when Harry was being attacked at times, kind of like when An akin Skywalker betrays the Jedi and turns evil.
I so look forward to part 2, not going to like that this is all over and the demise of Mr. Potter, but life ends for us all at some point doesnt it?

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Chloe (2009)

This film where Samantha(Julianne Moore) is thinking that her husband is cheating on her so she hires Chloe to hit on her husband and things go bad from there.
Is Chloe really who she says she is? or is she just manipulating her?
Where this might have fallen flat with other movies this works from the good work from all the actors involved--A Fatal Attraction of sorts

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Heartless (2010)

This was a GREAT little movie from England
Jim Sturgess is not an actor of great depth, until now.
His portrayal of Jamie a man born with a heart shape birthmark over the left side of his face, is left with the question--what if?
what if that birthmark wasn't there and what would I have to do if it wasn't a dark broody mood of a movie that is somewhat of a fairy tale and a man gone mad, makes a deal with The Devil?
This film has given me hope for the horror genre again but once again it was the British that did this again.

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Grown Up Movie Star (2009)

This is an interesting movie to say the least.
Had it not been handled this well it would have been a mess of a film the young actress who plays Ruby(Tatana Maslany)is really good in a role that allot of young actresses would die for

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