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Star Wars: 35 years of great movie watching

With September 16th 2011 closing in on us I wanted to update this a little.
When the movie that would change my life debuted I still remember my sister and I listening to the transistor radio outside in our backyard in Calgary when the add for "Star Wars"

Here below is a compiled edition of those radio ads in this video:

My sister Noelle said to me "I don't see any Wars going on up there" we would later that week go with our sister Carol she would take us.In the front of the cinema there was a cardboard cutout of R2D2 no-one knew what that was.
The lights dimmed and the music started and my life seeing movies were changed.
Now there is not a better film for me that takes me out of this world and takes me to another world as well as Star Wars and its 2 sequel's.
I have to date seen Star Wars more than any other film I have seen it 105 times, there is not anything I enjoy more than sitting down and watching it, better than anything else in the world. It was so unique in its portrayal of its world and was genius for its time

This is the theatre I saw it in also saw Empire and Jedi there as well.It is a theatre that has allot of history having been built in 1921.
There are things I could say about Star Wars but really so many people on their say about it all the time and always will. I was not that impressed when it was re-released in 1997 having adding additional footage to it, why?? the scene with Jabba was cool to add to the whole story but other than that they stuck out too much....I will get on the bandwagon too of ....HAN SHOT FIRST!!
I have the 3 first movies on a number of platforms including:
33 1/3 records of the movies

I also have them on Beta:

  I also have them on VHS when they came out for the first time in Letterbox  

Now I have them all on DVD the first 3 separately and the last(better)3 in a set

Now September 16 2011 will be their debut on Blu-Ray and I will be getting those as well!

Also there is a scene I remember seeing that night of Luke and Biggs before Biggs goes away and now it will be released with the Blu-Ray edition this fall

 In my dream of dreams I wish this would never stop when we have the countless sequels coming out this year and others Friday the 13th and all the Saws and the Harry Potters of the world, with the exception of the first 2 chapters the rest are awesome!!
My wish that instead of releasing cartoon movies he would just make another chapter series after Jedi and focus on Han, Chewie & Leia

I still have my Give a show I found it at a garage sale in the late 80's for $5.00
I also have collected numerous books including the $100.00 book on ILM
I paid my local book seller White Dwarf Books $20.00 each payday.

The funniest spoof of Stars Wars I have ever seen was Hardware Wars where everyone else went for straight out spoofs this one changed the names and the ships and the whole story entirely

Never has there been a score for a movie that has been as well received by the fans than Star Wars in the effect that is was a classical score yes that same year Saturday Night Fever came out that year and broke records for most records sold in a year because of the Bee Gees score of music throughout and we had a onslaught of men(and women) that tried to dance like John Travolta.
But when has there ever been a tour of the music composed for a movie that has gone on tour and sold out almost everywhere it went.
Star Wars In Concert was a huge undertaking and made millions it was the scores of all 6 films with images of those same films on a 3 storey screen.

There ends my thoughts on Star Wars...oh,  one last thing

"May The Force Be With You....Always"

Thanks for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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