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R.I.P Video Stores(Updated Sept 8, 2011)

(Formally written as To Download or not to Download:
That is the question--
May 27, 2011)
With the rise of the Internet small Mom & Pop video stores like Videomatica  heck even the bigger chains such as Rogers Plus(closing my local one Sept 8, 2011) and Blockbuster(closing Oct 1, 2011)are hurting. Dish Network bought out all the Blockbuster  chains in the U.S. says that it doesn't want Blockbuster Canada stores at all.
                   The remaining Blockbuster stores in Canada will all close Oct 1 2011.

May 19 2011 Bloomberg reports that since Blockbuster has been on Chapter 11 their stock has gone up from 4 cents to 23 cents, that is since Sept 2010 with about 5.46 million shares a day.

The Dish Network says it also wants to keep the name Blockbuster separate from its Canadian counterparts. A hearing on the case is going ahead for sometime this June. If they should succeed Blockbuster Canada will have to find itself a new name without the words Blockbuster.
The one here in Maple Ridge is the busiest in the Lower Mainland so there is doubt this one should ever close, however hard to tell.

Rogers Plus saw its revenue fall 41% in the first quarter of this year. Resulting in closure of 74 of its stores across Canada. In 2010 they saw a major decline in business resulting in a $38 million dollar loss, also they will continue to close stores as business declines.

Launching last September Netflix has over 800,000 subscribers paying only $7.99 for thousands of Movies and TV shows, that's the cost of one rental from these video stores. Meanwhile, a number of channels exist for renting new releases and older titles online, such as Apple's iTunes, Cineplex and Rogers on Demand Online.
Also this past week(Sept 1, 2011)saw the launch of You Tube providing online rental for Canadians for $3.99(older films)$4.99(newer films)also you have 30 days to watch them.
                                      Link for You Tube movie site(click here), the Canadian company that currently rents videos by mail, is readying its jump into the digital market through a partnership with Samsung to offer rentals through Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and other home theatre products (source The Canadian Press)

Also hurting are places like Gamestop and EB Games, PSP Go and Nintendo Dsi both offer gamers the choice to download games while the numbers aren't as big as the video stores that could very well change, Nintendo's Wii also allows trial games and full version games for points redeemed.

For an example of how digital downloads will hurt the gaming press, look no further than your current browser window. This website is part of a network of blogs called the Game flavor Network. We currently earn a modest revenue that enables us to pay for site improvements, attend gaming events, and the like. Most of our income is generated by the banner ads you see sprinkled around the site. But a significant portion of our revenue (around 30%) comes from commissions we earn on video game sales with places like Best Buy and Amazon. In articles about particularly popular games, we will often place a 'buy it now' link to the order page on Amazon.
(from PSP world Oct 12 2009)

All that being said I myself have downloaded movies and quite enjoy doing so it may not be the right thing to do but other than say "The Green Hornet" and "Takers"
With the decline of rentals also comes the decline of good selection as where before a store might carry the more obscure with maybe a rental or two a month, now they likely won't take that chance now.
Now that doesn't make it right at all as I have taken away from some one's lively hood as these don't make themselves, but where there is a will there is  a way.

In an article posted on May 9 2007 saying that Warner Brothers would no longer allow screenings of their films in Canada and when and if they did they would hold them in smaller, closed rooms.

(This was posted May 8 2011)

That in a nutshell  says it all
Other studios are sure to follow suit as Warner Brothers being one of the major studios

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Written by Anthony Nadeau

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