Thursday, June 30, 2011


                       MOVING PICTURES                     

When I first heard "Moving Pictures" it was incredible back then and still incredible to listen to now 30 years later.The only thing that has changed is I am older now and it is classic rock at it's very best.
From the opening track "Tom Sawyer" this album felt important, not any more important than any of their earlier albums but this was different.
"Permanent Waves" would be the album that would help them make this album also the fact that they were just all around great musicians.

The sound was different than allot of the music that was hitting the scene at that time.With bands like "Blondie" & "Kool & The Gang" with both artists having huge hits most notably the later with "Celebration", still a favorite for allot of people today.
John Lennon had just released his first studio album in decades this year as well.They would have challenges along the way recording and touring but the album went quadruple Platinum that year.

I have been a RUSH fan as long as I can remember I always will be one they continually amaze me with more and more music with every album that comes out.
I never expect anything and am hardly ever disappointed.
I am going to see them tonight at Rogers Arena concert starts at 8pm

For those of you that will be there, maybe see you there.

Thanks for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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