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On The Shelf: Interview with Anita E. Viljoen author of FEEDERS

I had the opportunity to talk(through email)with Anita E Vijoen a local author of a vampire novel simply called FEEDERS.This is her first book and she was more than gracious to give me this interview.

If you would be so kind as to tell us where you were born and your childhood. I understand you were born in Pretoria, South Africa.

Like you mentioned I was born and raised in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa situated an hour north from well known Johannesburg. I lived in the same house for eighteen years with my Mom, Brother and Grandparents. My Father died in a car accident when I was ten. Although coming from a single parent home I was privilege enough to be able to attend a private school and a dance academy, I graduated both at seventeen. I met my husband at the sweet age of sixteen, fell in love and was married five years later.

I loved my life in Sunny South Africa; it’s a beautiful country rich in different cultures – the rainbow nation. It is just a pity it became unsafe and economically unstable to bring up a young family with big dreams.
I would like to thank you for this interview, even though not in person could you give us some history on when you started writing, what your influences are in terms of authors or subject matter.
I don’t have a long history writing – I have dyslexia, twisting my letters and grammar around, so I never occurred to me – What did start me getting Feeders printed was a reoccurring dream and ideas that would only leave me once I wrote them down. Nine months later and over 400 pages later I had my story down and gave it to a few people to read and get there opinion. They all came back asking me to consider getting is published..


 I have yet to purchase your novel so I do not know anything about it other than the few articles in the local papers.

Where did your interest in Vampires come from?
I have always been interest in mysteries, fantasies and legends. The lore of the vampire is unique and intriguing and always romantic.  


How long did it take you to write this novel? About 9 months
I understand instead of going for the traditional vampire story, you did some research for this novel and there is truth amongst all the vampires in the novel.

I did introduce hidden truths in my novel, for example Feeders – the human that cannot be drained comes from a form of a true blood disorder called Polysythemia Vera, but in the true disorder humans that produce too much blood must have it professionally removed to save their lives  

This being your first novel did you already plan to release it yourself or was their a call to publishers first?

 I contacted a literary agent who took my manuscript and found a company that concentrated on new first time writers and offered me a Joint Venture; I signed up with them and did not think of going to publishers that did not bother looking at first time writers. – Its hard but as I found getting it printed easy its getting is sold that’s takes a lot of time and $$. 

I have heard you have your second novel ready for publishing, any chance we can get a little idea of what that is about?
Yes of course, go to my new blog: where I update the progress of the book and have an excerpt of the first chapter.

 Do you hope to be successful in the likes of Stephen King or Anne Rice, or is just writing sufficient for you?

Who wouldn’t like to be a well known author or having their story made into a movie?
 Thank you for reading this

Anthony Nadeau

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