Tuesday, June 28, 2011


From the time I met my friend Kevin way back in high school I have always been a KISS fan whether full or part time I kept keeping up with what they always were doing, heck even watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
All this time however I had never seen them live....Until NOW!!

Thanks to Rockstar Weekly a website that dedicates itself to Rock n Roll originally based out of Pitt Meadows BC, now relocated in Vancouver.
I WON the tickets from these great people.
Thank You!!

From the opening song-
Modern Day Delila to the closing
Rock n Roll All Nite, Party Every Day
it was a party that never lost momentum thanks mostly to Paul Stanley's need to keep the audience involved at all times.
He told us the Kamloops said that they felt they were the Rock town, by the end of the night he would name the town, Abbotsford Rock City.
There were so many pyrotechnics that at times felt like I was in a Micheal Bay film.
All in all it was a great time by all in attendance.
After the show my friend Greg and I waited outside for about an hour(I have never waited for a band before)without success.
However I did meet a young girl maybe 12 years old that got a drumstick from Eric Singer(drums) and one of Gene Simmons(Bass)guitar picks, she was excited and had her face painted earlier in the evening.

I am going to see RUSH this Thursday night, so it will be a great week for concerts.

Thank You for Reading This

Anthony Nadeau

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