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The Smaller Fish In The Pond

                     BEHIND THE SCENES

Well summer is upon us and like many film goers I am excited to see movies like "Super 8" & other popcorn movies. But amongst all of that is the smaller films that often go unnoticed until the Academy announces their nominations for The Oscars.
I get more excited when I hear that Jim Jarmush or John Sayles have a new movie coming out than if Micheal Bay or James Cameron have another mind-numbing special effects film coming out without much for the brain.Now those two people are who you ask?, well yes they are not well known for their films like the two directors named before them. However they have stirred emotions with their actors and with their audiences, lets have a look shall we? Lets compare for a moment.

Jim Jarmush:
Last  film I have seen of his was   with Bill Murray "Broken Flowers" in it he plays Don a man that has just received a letter stating that he is in fact the father of a 19 year old man.Not knowing who the mother could possibly be he embarkes on a road trip to meet with all of his former flames and see if she might be the mother of their child.
This film has one of Bill Murray's better performances in it like he was good in "Lost In Translation"

Box Office   Budget:

$10,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$780,408 (USA) (7 August 2005) (27 Screens) Gross:
$45,725,990 (Worldwide)
Other notable films are: Stranger Than Paradise, Night On Earth, Ghost Dog: Year of the Samurai
In the Independent scene he really broke ground with "Down By Law" but good luck finding a copy of it, it was scarce then and probably is now.
The movies may be small but he has worked with:
Julie Delpy, Jessica Lange, Jeffrey Wright, Sharon Stone, Johnny Depp, Forest Whittaker
Then there is Micheal Bay: well for me the pictures above state 1 million things I could say OVERPRODUCED GARBAGE!! Not one of these films above has any heart(in terms of filmaking)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday The 13th he produced both and made them into GARBAGE!!
 horror movies work because the majority of the really good ones are produced on small budgets, Sam Raimi's Evil Dead comes to mind -there is more heart in the filmaking process. The director/producer of these films are all just wanting the same thing
 "Leave your Brains at the door, and get your Butts to your seats" signed  Micheal Bay
There is not a film of his that I like or remember even really wanting to see it with his name on it I tend to stay away.However that being said he has worked with:
Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler,Ed Harris
mostly because he has allot of money to produce this crap.
The smaller films they allot of the times have to raise all the funds themselves, sometimes they get help from the banks, but more often than not they don't.
John Sayles a director I had not heard of until I started working at Varsity Video in the late 80's and found his film "The Brother From Another Planet" starring a unknown actor at the time:
Joe Morton
   Joe Morton is probable best known for his role in "T2: Judgement Day" although a gifted actor he has many roles in TV and movies still to this day.
  "The Brother from Another Planet" is somewhat of a commentary of what the Immigration laws do to people trying to make a new life for themselves.
  He  plays "The Brother" that is a mute alien with funny feet and can fix things, he is hunted around New York City when other aliens from his planet come to take him home.

John Sayles films/writer:


Return of the Secaucus 7, Baby It's You, Eight Men Out, City of Hope, Passion Fish

The Howling(1981)Screenplay
The Clan of the Cave Bear(1986)Screenplay
Eight Men Out(1988)Screenplay
The Spiderwick Chronicles(2008)Screenplay
There are many more movies that he has worked on as producer, actor, etc

I will continue to look into the
Smaller Fish In The Pond
not just of noted filmmakers and comparisons to bigger fish in smaller bowls
but up and coming filmmakers as well

Thanks for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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