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Movie Reviews: June 10 2011

That's What I Am (2011)

There are kids movies then there are movies that are about kids yet can stir the highest of emotion from grown adults, such as myself.
I was bullied(allot) in Primary school and mostly High School but like they say "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" or better yet in this case what doesn't kill someone else makes the bully stronger ,if all that you do is stand there and watch them pick on others.
This could have been a movie of the week with its theme, however because of the performances by the cast Ed Harris, & all the kids in the film it really rang true & strong.
The films centers around bullying and its harm it does to others also some other life lessons that wont be discussed here for possibly ruining the film for others.
It is produced by WWE Films however out of all the films they have made this is the ONLY one that I would recommend to anyone.
Also Randy Orton is only in this film for maybe 10 minutes, so do not think he is in the entire film.
This has a great message for kids about bullying and tolerance for others, allot of us adults would better to watch it for the same reasons

Lou Lumenick, of the New York Post said:
An entertaining, well-made plea for tolerance...

Accidents Happen (2009)

Even though this movie is 2 years old this is STILL the best film I have seen so far this year.
Geena Davis and the rest of the cast are just stellar in their parts from Billy her youngest son and Larry & Gene her oldest.
There is a terrible few accidents that happen at the start of the film but if you like The Squid & The Whale there are allot of similarities here, however some new ground is covered here.
I don't recall when the kids actually tell the police that they did something wrong in a film, that seems frowned upon in movies and TV lately.

There are not enough movies of this caliber being made, there was also allot I could personally relate to in the story as I was Billy(to a certain degree, no crime involved)after all growing up isn't easy, not for Billy anyways.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good story, that is hurtful to watch the verbal abuse but seems more real than something like the Cosby Show.
They need the ratings higher here, as this was a 10 in my books

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