Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adstock 2011: 4th in Lineup The Bone Daddies

                      THE BONE DADDIES                    

Jonny Bones-
Eric "Skiff" Kallweit
Willie Navarro
Talia Butler-Gray

Tough on this one I apologize to the band for NOT getting who plays what instrument before going to write this.(should have done my work on that)
Even though I did not really interview The Bone Daddies per say as I am new to all this interview things but Jonny Bones did grant me some of his time away from the stage.
I did find out that the name of the band (sort of ) came from Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas"
Also that they have been  a band for about 3 years now and have their album out.

                                                               The Bone Daddies My Space Page

They were one of the more popular shows on the stage for sure as the day went on more people showed and were getting into the music.

                                                                The Bone Daddies Facebook Page

Here is the crowd getting into The Bone Daddies
I Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

PS: Look for an Interview(somewhat)with Jonny Bones again after all the Adstock all about:

                                 HORROR SHOW                 

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