Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adstock 2011: 5th in Lineup: Northern Guard

                           NORTHERN GUARD                

Adam Rayburn-Drums
Brandon Smith
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Flynn

Adam Rayburn the man that started Adstock in 2005 is the drummer for this band, this Heavy Metal/Thrash Band.
Like the band before them I really didn't have time to interview them Adam I did speak to briefly but between the gig at the show he was running around making announcements on stage etc and making sure things were running smoothly.
The songs were intense and that's what they were playing is intense music.

                                                              Northern Guard's Facebook Page

                                                            Northern Guard's My Space Page

I give the band props for performing an intense show and the lead singer shared some cooling off times by spraying a water cannon into the crowd through a few of the songs.

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Anthony Nadeau

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