Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adstock 2011: 6th in Lineup: The Ivy League Brawlers

               THE IVY LEAGUE BRAWLERS           

 Patrick Lee - Vocals, Guitar
Tom Shand - Guitar
CJ Riegel - Bass
Nikko Adrian Harris - Drums
Matt Leblond - Trumpet
Jimmy Martin - Tenor Sax
Quinn Johnson - Trombone
Mike Allen - Bari Sax

This group took up both sides of The Gazebo as they have eight players in this band of
Rock/ Power-pop/ Dance

                                                           Ivy League  

This band was yet another group I did not get any interviews but their music was enjoyed by people as they had the horn section and a very talented group of musicians.

                                                       Ivy League Brawlers My Space Page

The Ivy League Brawlers Facebook Page

sorry I don't have more on them maybe sometime I can talk to the band about their music that I enjoy allot

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Anthony Nadeau

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