Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adstock 2011: 7th in Lineup:Ninjaspy


Joel Parent-Guitar/Vocals
Adam Parent-Bass/Vocals
Tim Parent-Drums/Vocals

From the minute their van showed at the Gazebo the air seemed different, they guys got out and immediately started moving their gear out of the van.From the opening of their set the crowd was electric, one thing here for those that do not know is Ninjaspy has headlined every single Adstock until this years show.That is Adstock started in 2005 by one Adam Rayburn.

I started to feel more comfortable approaching the stage as you can see and my two boys really wanted to meet this band as we have seen their videos and heard their music, the one reason my kids wanted to attend was because this group was there.

As you can see they were more than happy to oblige the boys in their interest in meeting them.

                                                                Ninjaspy's Website

The energy on the gazebo was unmatched for the show that Ninjaspy gave off they are clearly so comfortable in front of this local crowd, they had allot of friends there and were just really good guys.

                                                           Ninjaspy's My Space Page

I would say easily the biggest attraction of the show was their set as allot of the older crowd was there for D.O.A. I had asked Adam prior to the show how they felt about co-headlining the show and he said they are honoured to be before them.

They are incredibly talented and great guys put on a hell of a show and deserve all the fame and fortune they get!
All that coming from a man that will be 45 in 3 days.

Thanks for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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