Thursday, July 7, 2011

B-Side Radio

Started this June 7th

I was at work today and on the radio it said  "104.9 The greatest hits of All Time" with that I said to my young co-worker who is just 17. "I remember when I was younger and singles were released on a small album called a 45" with that all these memories came back to me.
The urge when I heard a song on the radio to go out and buy the album was a big deal, but for a teenager to go out and buy the single made more sense as we at that age only want the song we heard, also for alot of artists that have a hit they are alot of the time just a "One Hit Wonder" like Trio that had only one song that was recorded for all of $1.00 and he made alot of money at it.

                       Here is the video:

That song was alot of fun at the time but over time like alot of songs they loose their charm.

Upon looking at these singles I found Meco's tribute to "Star Wars" which is still a catchy tune but being a fan of the movies I wanted the song and actually bought the album, even though I frown upon Disco.

Yes the  Star Wars Saga on Read Alongs interesting that even though the movies were brought to us by 20th Century Fox the mini albums were put on Buena Vista Records and the trademark is Walt Disney Music of Canada Limited

Upon doing resaerch for this topic I found this website:
                                                                                 Classic 45's

I have over 30 45's and wish that the times of yesterday would come back sometimes, but only in vinyl

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Anthony Nadeau

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