Friday, July 8, 2011

My Look At TNA IMPACTS: Destination X-Sunday July 10th 2011

Yes folks you got that right I am writing about a wrestling event that takes place this Sunday only on PPV.
Why? Because this is a brand that I think gets overlooked and that is TNA Impact Wrestling.
I have been watching wrestling since about the age of 12-13 years of age when my friend Doug his mother took us to quite a number of shows in Calgary Alberta, Canada.
That show was Stampede Wrestling.

(left to right)
Steve Strong, Makkan Singh & Gama Singh

Bad News Allan(Left)
The Cuban Assassin(Right)

What has happened since then is allot of flashing wrestling were promos are often bigger than the match itself. Take this years Wrestlemania for instance like a Hollywood Blockbuster we were bombarded about how great the event was going to be but lacked what happened in the ring.

The Promo pic for Wrestlemania 1

 Since the early days of wrestling it was always about the mat technichians not so much about the looks or the work on the microphone or even the promo the most of it was not aired on TV and edited poorly due to lack of time or the matches were too bloody for television.

(left to right)
Cindy Lauper, The Fabulous Moolah & Wendi Richter

The event that would be Wrestlemania would be one of the biggest(if not The biggest)in wrestling for it's time. They would cross promote it with MTV which in turn Cindy Lauper would be at ringside with her husband and wrestling great Captain Lou Albino

                                                  Wrestlemania 1985 Highlights

So onward and upward the wrestling events have gone, now after looking at the promo pic for TNA's PPV this Sunday they say "Forward to the Past"
That is because for one night only they are bringing back the 6 sided ring

This is a toy version  of what the ring looks like

Onto the PPV

The winner of this match will get a TNA contract, even though the man Low-Ki was in TNA before as Senshi went to WWE and was on NXT and then left there to return again as a newbie.

Two of the greats and should be another AWESOME match is Samoa Joe vs Kazarian

I see Alex Shelley pulling the win on this one on Sunday

Two of the BEST ever to step in a ring will be in contact with each other on Sunday
May the better man win, hard to pick a winner here

Looking forward to some great ring prowess from these two,  ECW ring a bell??

                         1st Match between RVD & Jerry Lynn in ECW

I hope Abyss wins this one I don't like Brian Kendrick

All in all I know Sunday will be a great night for wrestling as TNA has lead the wrestling world for sometime, let me rephrase that.
WWE calls itself Sports Entertainment now
TNA says Wrestling Matters
so if you want to be Entertained turn WWE on.
If you are like me and still enjoy a hard fought match no matter who the winner is then watch


Thanks for Reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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