Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Adstock 2011 2nd in Lineup: Regime


Bradon Goddard-Vocals
Cody Gaines-Guitar
Braden Wear-Drums
Kyle Bullen-Bass

Regime is a four piece band from Maple Ridge & Port Coquitlam  they have clear influences of Lamb of God, Black Daliha Murders and others that you might not think.
Like seeing Devin Townsend live in concert a few nights earlier.
Talking to them they are just people that like to play loud music, although their sound may turn off allot of those that were first their, I appreciated their raw and heavy talent.
The stage was definitely filled with metal and after the show they enjoyed talking to friends and just relaxing, saying its hot in the Gazebo.
Bradon Goddard the lead singer had covered his face with  a bikers mask of a skull which was intimidating to say the least but it worked, heard a few  people say "That's scary with that kind of music"-it worked.

Not having contacted them before the show I was unsure of how they might be to having a chat after at Bradon's request to do it after the show, I did just that.
They are really a bunch of nice young men and should be proud of where they are at this stage, I bought their Ep at the show($2.00) should have given them more and  am listening to it as I write, to better hear them.
To say I enjoy it is an understatement I just wish I heard their stuff more to appreciate the show more.

Other than being nice guys they have a STRONG sound and the vocals are brutal.
Cody(Guitar) told me that in March of 2012 they are heading to the US to record a full length album with:

I wish them all the success with that.
Who says nice guys finish last? Tell that to Bradon he might scream in your face!!


I also have video but Blogger seems to have trouble loading it
I will try and load it on Facebook sometime.

Thanks for reading this and supporting local music
Anthony Nadeau

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