Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch (2011)   110 min  -  Action | Adventure | Fantasy


Well Zack Ryder has done it again even though I was a fan of "300" however his other films like  "The Watchmen" I did not care for at all. I liked the premise and the idea for this film, but boy did it go off track fast and kept speeding along like an out of control train with no-one at the helm.It seems Mr Ryder is all style no substance.

Baby Doll(Emily Browning)she is called this in the close circuit of the women that surround her in a mental hospital which is the cover for what is a brothel.Her mother is clearly murdered by her stepfather , in his rage once finding that her daughters are the sole earners of her belongings.
He tries to attack them but she defends herself and her baby sister only to lose her in the end as well.
Her stepfather gets the upper hand when he seizes her from the authorities and has her institutionalized(sent to the brothel)

In here the psychiatrist feels that if they act things out on stage that will release how they feel, what she's really telling them is they have to dance for the men that come here and if they like the show, there could be more for them.

This prison of sorts is run by one of the men there Blue Jones(Oscar Issac), more like a warden and a pimp all rolled into one.
The dream sequences are interesting but loose the viewer where it takes over the whole meaning of the film, oh wait I don't think there is any meaning to this.
Other than if you are abused enough you will stand up to your abuser after he kills two of your friends and treats all the women in his life like whores, dress them slutty so they appeal to the losers that frequent the place.
I understand that this movie might have been a movie about redemption or even to stand against those who hurt you and for that OK but also the women here are abused and mistreated I felt bad I let my young 8 & 12 year old boys watch this dreck. This is  a lousy movie that really doesn't even deserve to be seen in the discount theatres, yes its that bad I said it
They are all pretty young women but Emily Browning does allot of the singing in this film, I don't know I am sure their talents could have been used for something better than this.
No wonder so many women give up on being cast in movies when ones like this are getting made.
Movies like Julie & Julia was fantastic and Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias  those are considered chick flicks but I liked all three
I hope that women will oppose this type of film it's not overly offensive but I guess just watching it with my kids and I was raised by my mother and lived with my sister most of my life and this just offended me and lost me at the same time.
The boys didn't really see the harm as they liked all the battle scenes so they message was lost on them too, oh shucks there I go again ---What message??--

Anthony Nadeau

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