Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Unknown

Unknown (2011)

  113 min  -  Drama | Mystery | Thriller
What is it with movies these days?The actors all seem like zombies walking through their roles and getting good money for it.
This latest mess stars Liam Neeson when he and his wife enter Berlin they seem so happy she tells him to let the cab driver get the bags, they arrive at the hotel and he sees that his bag is missing neglecting to tell his wife where he is going and for what he gets the next available cab and heads back to the airport.
It is in this cab where he looses his identity(in the fact it has been stolen).
The premise is OK, however it never makes it feel like this this could or would happen.I like Liam Neeson but he seemed bored with this role and the story.

Gina(Diane Kruger)is the cab driver and Dr. Martin Harris(Neeson) is hoping that she can remember him and anything from that day and of course the chase is on, not just for him but her as well.
The one thing I did admire here is that they never played the she is single and possibly lonely and thus having an affair with him.
Liz Harris(January Jones)plays his wife and is quite good at playing the fact she is NOT married to him.
Aiden Quinn is brought in as the replica Dr Harris and seems out of place here, although a gifted actor in his own right this just does not suit him.
Rodney Cole(Frank Langella)is the one person that can clear things up for Dr Harris and does so, but I wont go into any further details on that for the fact that would give away the film.

This is how I felt during this film like I was being held hostage against my will.

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Anthony Nadeau

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