Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Horseman (2008)
  96 min  -  Crime | Thriller
Not to be confused with the movie of the same name with Dennis Quaid this is a brutal story of revenge.
We first meet Christian Forteski(Peter Marshall)as he is grieving over the loss of his daughter who he finds out was in a porn film and wound up dead after the fact.
He starts his revenge fast and first visits the company that is solely responsible for the making of the film and buys all 250 copies of the film, then burns them.
After doing business with the man in the white shirt(below) he kills him.
Making contacts through him before his death he contacts the producer to the actors and drug dealer.
The coldness that Peter Marshall portrays his character  is intense and scary at the same time, full of rage and no compassion, until he meets one that intended to help his daughter.

This is one of the rare moments where his rage is calmed when Christian is  told the man has a young daughter himself, he backs down.
He befriends a young woman Alice(Caroline Marohasy-pic above))that he takes under his wing and treats her like his own daughter, there are some nice and sweet moments here between the actors.

Before he goes on another rampage he has to clear his truck of any thing that might connect him to any of this down the road so the "Toolbox of Murder tools" get dropped off at the dump.
The end of the film sees some real creative moments whe he is held against his will and Alice is taken away with a pervert of old cop.Derek(Brad McMurray)is the drug dealer and is cold as Christian but some of the next scenes are brutal.

The movie "Taken" has nothing on "The Horseman" where Liam Neeson was good Peter Marshall explodes and has such raw rage and is believeable in the fact he loved his daughter so much and could not prevent her death.I think this will make a bigger statement than anything that Hollywood will make as far as revenge films go.
This was made in 2008 in Austrailia.
Here is the trailer below:

Written by Anthony Nadeau
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