Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Rise of the Planet Of The Apes(2011)

Let me start by saying what can I possibly have to add to the countless reviews and editorials that have been done about this movie thus far.
The most incredible part of this film that I was able to take away more than anything from the film was the eyes.
The eyes of the apes told everything and a suttle nod of the head for someone to be taken out.

The movie was entitled to be called "The Rise of Cesar" however studio execs quickly pulled the plug on that for fear people would think it would be about the Roman Emperor.
I found this movie to be fascinating in a number of ways first off that the apes don't talk at all was different from all the other of the "Apes" movies.
That the humans were sympathetic to the well being of the animals(well some were).

I really feel that James Franco seems to have really improved as an actor over the years since "Spiderman 2" , with him being sympathetic to the plight of the apes through the film and his passion for his research.
John Lithgow was a nice added surprise to the father part and he has always been such a gifted actor.

There are some interactions with people and the apes that are totally believable that humans are capable of and I am sure happens more often than not for allot of what takes place.Like the pesky next door neighbor that gets Cesear angry when he attacks John Lithgow.(see pic above)
For me what worked was allot of things the story was strong, the acting and the apes mostly were just that apes they weren't all dressed like us when they all are at the primate place.However Cesear and an Orangutan have conversations with each other as they both know how to use sign language.
There are things that they are able to do now with film that they could not even do when Tim Burton made his ape film.
Andy Serdkis who is best known for playing Gollum in "The Lord Of The Rings" films plays Cesear in this film.

The humans that treat the apes well are spared when the attack comes and they attack hard and strong and is well planned by the apes in their attempt to overtake the humans.
This man however is in it all for himself and is treated to a swim.
Then we have the corrupt ape handler that likes to think that he is smarter and tougher than Cesear and his fellow apes.
Tom Felton(Harry Potter Films)plays the bad guy he and his father run the primate sanctuary and he is very mean, until Cesear says "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

With a series of events that Cesear unfolds with the help of his fellow primates they escape the sanctuary and run all over San Francisco(Vancouver BC).
I think since "Star Wars:Episode III Revenge Of The Sith"I have not been this excited to see the outcome of a movie(as far as big Blockbuster movies go.

What made the movie work the most for me was the relationship between Will Rodman(James Franco) & Cesear(Andy Serdkis)
Thanks for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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