Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Help(updated Jan 11-2012)with review

The book of the same name by Kathryn Stockett has sold over 5 million copies and spent over 100 weeks on the bestseller list.
This is a book that is loved by millions including Oprah Winfrey adding it to her must read list, that has helped so many authors with her praise(like her or not, she has pull).
Now this successful book has been made into a movie.
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I think with a young woman (Emma Stone)with the pull of the younger men and women this could really be an eye opener for allot of teenagers in today's society get a better idea of racism in the '60's.
Also with great actresses like Sissy Spacek
and Cicely Tyson also in the film it will help attract the older crowd as well.

What else could happen to a film that isn't Twilight or another or the Batman series or something of that nature.
 I have heard so much about this movie just being a fan of movies I am glad that a drama is getting such a large push and release and yes I know it has mostly  due to the fact that Emma Stone is in it.I bought this latest issue of E.W. tonight after work.
I hope the film is good and that it gets the attention it looks like it deserves.

(added January 11th 2012)
I watched this movie tonight with my wife and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, she wants to read the book now!
Having heard allot about this film I was eager to see it and it did not disappoint at all. Emma Stone is great in her role as Skeeter and all the rest of the cast do a great job as well.
There are some things that happened back then that make you realize what a terrible time it was for the blacks all across this planet NOT just the U.S.
I hope you check this movie out its not a chick flick but a movie about people.
Here is the trailer for the film if you have not already seen it.

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