Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Dog Pound

It has been said that HBO Films have more heart than Hollywood and I am one to truly believe it from the amount of good work that all the films seem to produce.
If you liked their series OZ  then this won't be hard for you to imagine what this film is like.
It has three characters that we are introduced to right away from the start of the film and they are all placed in a juvenile facility for their crimes.
Of course this is jail for the three teens and in this jail are like minded individuals that mean to cause harm to them, including their CO's(Correctional Officer).
The actors they got for this film were well cast in their roles I just wish there was more empathy towards some of the kids as all the adults seemed very angered by the kids very quickly,are they not trained professionals that are there to help these kids?
I would have to say this is the best film about teens being locked up since Bad Boys(1983)with Sean Penn or even Lost Angels(1989)with Donald Sutherland

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