Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: The Giant Rubber Monster Movie

The Giant Rubber Monster Movie: Sascratch Versus Afrodesious (2011)

15 min  -  Short | Comedy | Horror   -Yes I am reviewing a short film
What? you may ask but I felt it was worthy
Where else can you see cute women and monster aliens in the same film, space adventure and action battle scenes all in one film.
Well finally there is a filmmaker that knows his limits of his script in the only sense that this is only good as a short, not a feature film.

The animation in the film is good for what they need I really enjoyed when the tanks and trucks came out, probably my favorite scenes of the film.

The child in the film was like watching Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace, terrible delivery but the rest of the cast was fun and seemed like allot of effort went into the special effects.
Now if you like big Hollywood Blockbusters then this isn't for you, however if you enjoy film period then I cannot recommend this enough for you, enjoy it like I did , with a smile

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Anthony Nadeau

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