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Review: RIO

Rio (2011)

  96 min  -  Animation | Adventure | Comedy  
Rio is not the name of the blue bird that is in this movie, his name is Blu.
Rio is of course Rio De Janeiro(Brazil)and this film is allot of fun.
We first meet Blu(Jesse Eisenberg) after the opening number that is cut short by some humans.In these moments of course being so young he cannot fly.
He is snatched up and caged and flown to the U.S. where he will be sold for top dollar.
There is an accident and his box is thrown from the truck we meet Linda(Sofia Scarpa Saldanha) here she opens the box and finds him and promises to protect him
There are some touching moments with Linda(Leslie Mann) & Blu in the opening moments getting to know them(she has aged over time of course), she even names her bookstore after him.
There is a man visiting from Brazil that is interested in Blu and also interested in taking him back to the country he comes from as the blu Macaw is endangered.I had felt they were pulling a swerve here but didn't and it was good.
Of course Blu gets separated from Lucy while in Rio but that is because some smugglers want him for the black market.
There is allot of different characters introduced and they are also well done I really enjoyed the villainous bird Nigel(Jemaine Clement)Below is his introduction song:
 Even the songs are well orchestrated here while I am not that fond of animated movie music as allot of the songs are sappy and bubblegum music mostly, these were well suited for this film.
                                            Fly Love from "RIO" sung by Jamie Foxx
As always there is a love interest but his love doesn't even like him at first(what a shock)Jewel(Anne Hathaway)is also captured with Blu and together they try and get back to Linda.
The other birds are:
Rafael(George Lopez)
Pedro(Will I am) & Nico(Jamie Foxx)

Luiz(Tracy Morgan)

I watched this with my two boys tonight and we all really had a good time doing so and the message is basically this.
Leave the wildlife where they are and let them live we don't need to capture all the animals on this planet.

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