Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Santum

Sanctum (2011)

  108 min  -  Action | Adventure | Drama
If you are looking for any cave monsters then check out
The Descent(trailer)
Click Here---Be warned this is a horror movie
if you are looking for an underwater deep sea adventure then check out
The Abyss(trailer)
But if you want  a story that you might like more if it were a documentary then this film is for you.
There are some suspenseful moments but the only monster here is called time
Time in the sense that in their computers above ground it says that there won't be a storm for three days, but that of course changes or we wouldn't have this story.
They are a team of cave adventurers that are very proud people and want to further explore the caves than others already have.
Trouble is if there is a storm they could get trapped in the caves and drown.
The caves do start filling with water as the storm is now a typhoon as you see from the picture above the cave is filling quite full.
This film for me really never gets going on any level documentary or otherwise.I found the behind the scenes documentaries far more interesting than anything that happened in the film.

Just having James Cameron as Executive Producer I guess isn't enough
This just is a story I have seen to many times with the National Geographic Everest Mountain climbing expeditions documentaries and K2 with Micheal Bien , The Descent, among the many other films(not Cliffhanger)this was definitely not on those levels, even on its own it does not work
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