Friday, August 5, 2011

Reviews: Jack Goes Boating (with)Hobo With A Shotgun: 2 of the years best


What do these two films have in common?
Nothing as far as the films go, but I watched both of them tonight and enjoyed both to a great degree.

"Jack" was first then came "Hobo"
I did  hear allot about both films and for both different reasons. First for the performances and the second for all the blood and guts and violence.

Lets get this started right.

Jack Goes Boating (2010)

  91 min  -  Comedy | Drama | Romance
Jack is a single man that is very easy going and allot of things make him nervous.He has a close friend Clyde(John Ortiz)at work that is also close friends with his wife Lucy(Daphne Rubin-Vega).Lucy works with a woman Connie(Amy Ryan)that they pair up with Jack for a dinner date.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is absolutely stunning for his performance of Jack and his insecurities also his tender and angry moments when the scene calls for it.He also Co-Produced and Directed the film.
With the exception of Amy Ryan playing Connie the other 3 actors had already begun getting comfortable with their parts on stage in March of 2007. It seems so effortless when they came on screen, it really made for more effect in their roles(for me anyways)I of course found this out after the film when watching the extras.

 This comes from the Producers of  "Away We Go" and "Little Miss Sunshine" two other films I really enjoyed.
 This is easily one of my favorite films of the year, without a doubt.
"Hobo With A Shotgun"

Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

86 min  -  Action | Crime | Thriller
This movie starts off with a "BANG!!"
From the word "GO!" we are brought into a world of a homeless man, there on a train sits "Hobo"(Rutger Hauer)as he leaves the train at the station we see the streets and the violence they bring.Not five minutes into town he is witness to a BRUTAL murder(see pic above).I really enjoyed the shots that were being done on the opening of the town and the dreariness all around.
At times I felt like I was back watching "Escape From New York"--there were also times where the music sounded similar to that of John Carpenter.Rutger Hauer has had his share of hits and flops but one of my favorites of his was "Nighthawks" with Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams.In that film he played Wulfgar a terrorist I remember him being so cold and evil in that film more so than any other....until now
This is his film I hope where "The Wrestler" was great for Mickey Rourke I hope "Hobo" is the comeback film for a man that really can hold a movie together all on his own in the likes of Eastwood and Bronson in their vigilante films.This is definitely not a film for those that don't like violence, but if it helps tell the story then so be it there were times(like a lawnmower scene)where I felt that scene was unnecessary, but there it is and a movie has to be judged on that factor to some degree, however violence in movies has always been about mans violence on this place we call home and yet murder each other each day.
I found it nice that he had some naivety when it came to the street worker and his fondness for her(not a sexual way)was refreshing.It is also great that they shot this entirely on location in Nova Scotia so this could be marked as a Canadian film with the funding from Telefilm Canada and Film--Nova Scotia
Until Next Time
Anthony Nadeau

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