Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrestling Rules The Week

This week is HUGE for wrestling fans I know they are out there and I will try to cover this topic more in my blog as it is really an unappreciated art that they do every night(I feel).
The best thing happening on RAW right now is the feud between Triple H and CM Punk and I feel that after Night of Champions that Triple H will never wrestle again as this is CM Punk's push to get over(meaning that Triple H is promoting him to be the next big thing).

As mush as I don't like him John Cena will be a staple for WWE for many years to come and will continue to win the belt.

Christian and Randy Orton fought in a steel cage tonight for the world title LIVE on Super Smackdown and will repeat again on Friday for those that missed tonight's live show.

Then there is Impact Wrestling that for me is what wrestling is about sure some of their story lines could be better but their wrestling is second to none the women and the mens divisions in the organization is fantastic.

Their current champion Kurt Angle is a Olympic Gold Medalist and going to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games.

All in all each week is a treat for wrestling fans but I most look forward to Monday and Thursday nights as that hosts
Raw and Impact Wrestling

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written by Anthony Nadeau

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