Sunday, September 11, 2011

Star Wars on Blu-Ray Episode II:Attack of The Clones

Please note:
I will be looking at all 6 films, not reviewing them per say, or looking at what is coming out on the Bluray as every site seems to be doing that.
I will review each film on Bluray when I get the Saga in my hands.
The second film in the series opened
May 19, 2002 and earned $80,027,814(U.S)
in it's opening weekend.

Even though I liked this one more than the first one it still is not all that great in my eyes.
There are so many creatures and people introduced to us here, like the GREAT Christopher Lee as Count Dooku.
The introduction of Jango and Boba Fett are exciting for all the fans of the originals.

We also witness the beginning of Anakin's turn to the dark side when he slays the Sandpeople responsible for the capture and death of his mother.
The relationship he has with Padame is also highlighted here but are some of the weaker parts of the film.
The battle scenes are large and go on for sometime the monsters introduced in the arena are quite cool and done well.

Even better is we get to see Yoda fight Count Dooku again exciting times as we never saw Yoda fight later on as he was far too old.

Won't you join me again tomorrow when I will have a look at
Star Wars Episode III:Revenge Of The Sith

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Written by Anthony Nadeau

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