Monday, September 12, 2011

Star Wars On BluRay: Episode III:Revenge of The Sith

Please note:
I will be looking at all 6 films, not reviewing them per say, or looking at what is coming out on the Bluray as every site seems to be doing that.
I will review each film on Bluray when I get the Saga in my hands.

The third and final film of the prequals opened
May 22, 2005 to a box office of
$108,435,841 (USA)
Out of the three prequals this one answers more questions for the rest of the series than the other two previous films.
Like what turned Anakin to the Dark Side and what made the Emperor so badly scarred?
For me as a huge fan of these films my heart was racing after this scene when Anakin comes in and kills Mace Windu making his turn to the Darkside even that more evil.

I felt this scene was nessesary for the story to be told and it is one of the reasons that George Lucas gave this one a PG-13 rating as where all the other films were only PG.
Also the fight scenes there are more Lightsaber fights than any of the other films as well, with General Grievious and between Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and The Emperor.

More importantly than anything is why Anakin is forced to wear the suit is that he is so badly burnt that if he doesn't, he will die.

For all the flack that Mr George Lucas gets for all the things he did wrong with these first films, I challenge anyone else to create the worlds that he has and will continue to do.But we forget all the great years of Entertainment he has given us, if it wasn't for him we would not have all these characters and such.
I thank him here as I doubt I will ever have the chance to thank him personally.

The "NOOOOOO!!!! Heard around the world has so many crying foul even to this day.It's his world, his characters let the man be for goodness sake, after all he is just that a man.
John Williams in my eyes cannot be thanked enough for his incredible scores for all the films.
Look for my "Special" --"What's The Score" on John Williams and his music from these GREAT movies.

I thank you for joining me at my look at the series and hope you will join me again tomorrow when I have a look at my favorite movie of all time:
Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope

Thanks for reading this
Written by Anthony Nadeau

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