Friday, September 16, 2011

Star Wars on Bluray: Episode VI Return of The Jedi

Please note:
I will be looking at all 6 films, not reviewing them per say, or looking at what is coming out on the Bluray as every site seems to be doing that.
I will review each film on Bluray when I get the Saga in my hands.
This third in the series was going to be called Revenge of the Jedi they of course changed that name to Return as Jedi's do not seek revenge.
The third film would make
$30,490,619 (USA) (30 May 1983) (1 Screen)
(source IMDB)

Jabba The Hutt was a giant puppet that required 6 people to operate him including a man moving his tail.

In Jabba's Palace we met the Rancor (A hand puppet, shot with a small camera) and there is a scene they cut from the movie that I remember seeing at the first show of the day.When Luke is thrown in with the Rancor along with a Gamorian Guard, he jumps up to the ceiling(pic below)

They would have the Emperor start the building of the new Death Star with even more fire power than the original Death Star.The Shuttle was a new ship introduced to us in this film
The Empire had a few forms of transport that were introduced for single transport.The Speeder Bike chase scene I think is where they got the idea for the Podrace in Episode I.
So they are already thinking of other ways to get yet more money from us folks(they aren't the only ones)in the near future they are planning on re-releasing the first three current releases in 3-D

I would like to thank you all for joining me in this celebration of these films, this is my all time favorite series of films(mostly the original three)I hope you enjoyed reading these short but look back at the saga.

Thank you for reading this
Written by Anthony Nadeau

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