Thursday, September 15, 2011

Star Wars on Bluray: Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back

Please note:
I will be looking at all 6 films, not reviewing them per say, or looking at what is coming out on the Bluray as every site seems to be doing that.
I will review each film on Bluray when I get the Saga in my hands.
The second film in the original trilogy would be by far the more popular of the three.The story was faster there  was more action and there were some secrets shared--big secrets.
This one would gross
$6,415,804 (USA) (26 May 1980) (126 Screens)

This started with a bang and ends with a wow the battle on Hoth is awesome and created by stop motion photography.
We were introduced to more characters

Lando an old friend of Han Solo's would betray Han and his friends on Cloud City.
Boba Fett the coolest Bounty Hunter in an galaxy was on a quest to get Han back to the mobster Jabba The Hutt.

Regardless this one would go down in history as the movie that had the line of the decade.
"I am your father"

Irwin Kirshner

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Anthony Nadeau

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