Friday, September 2, 2011

Upcoming: Star Wars on Bluray

On Sept 10th 2011 I will be having my own "Star Wars" countdown if you will each day leading upto the big day, Sept 16th.
I first will look at Episode 1 and continue through the entire saga, one film at a time.
I won't go into rumors etc about what is to be released etc on the Bluray instead I will have a look back at each film and what it meant to me and others at the time of their releases.
I hope you will join me for this exciting time of the year, every other website is trying to wow everyone on the Special Added Scenes but if you go to "Star" you can find all you need there.
Thanks for reading this and remember to come back on the 10th of this month to share with me my look into the saga that won our hearts(and our money)

                    Written by Anthony Nadeau

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