Monday, September 5, 2011

What Scares You?: John Carpenters The Ward

This is my new segment where I look at horror movies and either review them or just have a look back at them.
This first edition I will review:
John Carpenter's The Ward

The Ward (2010)

  88 min  -  Horror | Thriller
Let me just start by saying this allot of times you might have heard the saying "Less is More" well here for your viewing pleasure is just that film.
When we are in a society that likes the "Saw" franchise and "Hostel" films where limbs are sheared and bodies are brutally tortured, here comes a film from one of The Masters of Horror
Mr John Carpenter

He is of course best known for his "Hallowe'en"(1978) films starring Jaime Lee Curtis & "The Thing" (1982)with Kurt Russell and believe me that is not all the man has done either(thank god).Here is his I.M.D.B. Bio
This is his first Feature Film since
Ghost of Mars(2001)
So for Carpenter fans we have waited along time.

The Ward is of course a Psychiatric Ward where a young woman is admitted after setting a deliberate fire to a old house.
This movie does centre around Kristen(Amber Heard-The Stepfather & Zombieland)and her admittance to the ward, she is accepted well by the other women that are also there.
The story is focused on Alice Hudson a young woman that was attacked by the same group of young women and killed one night.

Alice(Mika Boorem)(left) talks to Zoey(Laura Leigh)(right)

Alice's ghost haunts the halls at night and stalks these young women.
Some of the scenes are violent(of course)but Mr Carpenter uses his skill as a Director once again to tell the story of how things happened.I feel that the acting and the directing and also the editing were really strong features in this film.
There are scenes when Kristen is drugged or hits her head and the shots they use after the fact to make us aware of her situation, where awesome but not overdone.

I don't know what my readers think of Mr John Carpenters work but I have always admired his passion to tell a story.
This time he does it well without really grossing us out and just when back to the basics of a horror film that is just telling a story-not a gore fest.
P.S. I watch those too, but enjoyed this more than 65% of the horror films I saw this year.
Now there is a twist at the end that I will NOT spoil for those of you that have not seen this yet.

Here is a video that he made for the
Toronto International Film Festival
last year.

Trailer for "The Ward"

The score of this film has a chilling overtone kind of like "Hallowe'en" but not as memorable.
Have a listen below.

Thanks for reading this
Written by Anthony Nadeau

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