Thursday, October 6, 2011

Card Subject To Change: Wrestling Weekly

While allot of people are excited that hockey is back tonight, I fortunately do not have wait for a season of wrestling to begin as is it all year long.
While Mondays have always been exciting for me being a fan since I was about 12 years old it starts my week off right.
WWE's  Monday Night Raw this past week something I have never seen before is that they had a vote of confidence on Triple H and his performance as C.O.O. Jerry 'The King" Lawler had stated on his You Tube video that had he known the others were going to follow him out of the ring that he would nor have even shown up.

I find it ironic that the group of wrestlers excluded from the group are some of the bigger stars, John Cena, CM Punk, Kelly Kelly, Rey Msyterio and others. This will prove to be a point advantage for RAW as the ratings have started to slip a bit.

Thursdays have always been special as the company that has a better group of wrestlers instead of superstars is Impact Wrestling they have their yearly Bound For Glory this month which basically for those that do not watch Impact is their Wrestlemania. I will focus soley on this event in an article soon.

This past week Hulk Hogan announced his retirement from wrestling and Sting is still hoping for their match at BFG. Kurt Angle will put his belt at the helm for his match against Bobby Rhoode.

They have the better tag teams and I see Matt Morgan and Crimson being pushed as the next tag team title holders.The women in their organization are also better wrestlers than most of the men in any organization.
Smackdown has recently had better storylines however their matches are carbon copies of last weeks show. They do have some good wrestlers on their show but what about going live like RAW?as by midweek there are always spoilers as to what happened on the internet.
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Anthony Nadeau

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