Monday, October 10, 2011

Card Subject To Change: Wrestling Weekly Special!!Bound For Glory 2011


In six days from now will be TNA's Bound For Glory.A wrestling event, a BIG wrestling event hopefully this card will get them some more buys than usual.

Mexican America puts the TNA Tag Team Belts on the line against Ink Ink.

The next match is 
Samoa Joe Vs Crimson Vs Matt Morgan three big men that will be a battle.

RVD Vs Jerry Lynn for the wrestling aficionado they know that Lynn and RVD have a storied history together having classic matches in ECW, then Jerry Lynn's VERY short part in WWE when ECW was bought. Now they are in TNA together and they still are at each others throats.

Again another storied twosome in Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles. Every time Christopher Daniels leaves TNA he comes back again a few months later and we see them fall apart again, but their matches are so awesome too, so I will stop complaining.

Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne & Winter will all enter the ring in a four way match one will leave the ring as the NEW Knockout Champion
I wish them all the best and this will be a good match

The poster above is yes from No Surrender but that is when Brian Kendrick lost the X-Division Championship to Austin Aries, this night he will fight to get that belt back from him.

Bully Ray will take on Mr Anderson in a Falls Count Anywhere match these two have been at each other for months now since before Mr Anderson joined Immortal they have a score to settle I think Bully Ray will get the better of Mr Anderson.

The next match these two men have known each other for decades having worked together in the NWA, then in WCW and now TNA

Hulk Hogan has not wrestled for months as his back has been his major reason for not entering the ring.
Having a few operations over the past few years on it, remember this man lifted Andre the Giant up and slammed him

  also that leg drop he delivers cannot be good for the spine either.

Over the years Sting has changed his look from clean cut Sting

                           Those are from his NWA days

                       WCW days against Hollywood Hogan

Now Sting is determined to get Hogan back in the ring and this past week he sealed the deal with Hogan on TNA Impact Wrestling. Here is the deal that Hogan sealed his fate with  

Now the match has so much more on the line is this really the end of Hulk Hogan?Can Sting beat him with all of Immortal waiting in the back waiting to attack?
Tune in on October 16th 2011 on PPV or even in theatres now and see for yourself.

The main event of the night is Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Roode has had to endure Kurt Angles idea to Hogan/Bishoff about Roode wrestling all of his colleagues from Fortune over the past few weeks on Impact Wrestling. Successful he has been  in all his matches, however has that made him an easy target for Angle to seal a win? I hope not Roode has pushed himself harder than he ever has.

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Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

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