Thursday, October 6, 2011

Green Lantern gave me a seat to First Class

Let me start by saying I am NOT a fan of Ryan Reynolds, I was a fan of The Green Lantern as a child reading the comics. The premise is OK but again this is another comic book hero that is not given his fair due on screen, there seems to be fewer and fewer good adaptations. I think it is just this that studios are so quick to cash in on the success of comic book heroes instead of getting a strong enough story first.
That being said Peter Sarsguard gets disfigured for his character even before he looks like the pic above I have to think for a minute who it was, then heard his voice and knew it was him.
This is not a bad film(like both Hulk films)but it never got me gaining anymore like for Reynolds as an actor, waiting for the day he takes a chance and tries something different than the smart ass loud mouth.

Now then there is X-Men: First Class the prequel to the X-Men series(another cash grab), however somewhat like the Batman prequels  this is a welcome addition to the over populated group of Super Hero Movies.
We started to get an idea of what MagnetoMichael Fassbender-front-left)was all about in the first series, but they elaborate here.
The story is strong and they use generally unknown actors for this one. Charles Xavier(James McAvoy-front-right))is  a doctor with a big house where he is the safe place for the mutants to hide.
Raven/Mystique(Jennifer Lawrence)is introduced to us and Jennifer proves that her performance in Winter's Bone was not a fluke(although she isn't in the movie much).

This is the series that I hope they continue as I enjoyed this more than the other three X-Men movies combined.

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