Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Favorite movies by Genre

I got the inspiration from my friend Greg tonight he listed his favorite 100 films of all time, yet mine keep changing as does time.
So tonight I will start a segment on my favorite top 10 by genre
and please feel free to comment on what yours are in that category, I will do this weekly.
Also will have a list of current favorites.

1: Die Hard
2: Escape from New York
3: First Blood
4: Johnny Handsome
5: Bad Boys(Sean Penn)
6: Lethal Weapon
7: The Professional
8: The Terminator
9: Payback(Mel Gibson)
10:Point Blank(Patrick Swayze)
   Thanks for reading this
Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

Please remember to share your Top 10 if you like

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