Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Scares You?: My Neighbor is Laid To Rest

Neighbor is another of the films that gets into all the torture porn genre, America Olivio plays the psycho in this and is sometimes quite disturbing in her performance.

She was in Bitch Slap a movie I honestly quite 
enjoyed before her performance in 2009's Friday the 13th.

Bitch Slap Trailer(Click Here)
In here she gets to extend her killing she enjoyed in Bitch Slap even though the trailer(above) makes the movie look like a piece of crap it isn't always what it seems.
Her pretty face gets disfigured by the end of the film.But I felt the acting was pretty decent the torture got to be a bit much(as they all do)the lead actor is not very convincing that all the pain is as bad as it looks.However I have definitely seen worse than this-Scream 4 comes to mind

                          Neighbor Trailer(click here)

Laid to Rest started off strong and ends strong what an amazing feature.I have been wanting to see this since I saw the box cover at Blockbuster and has always been out and then someone didn't return it.
I subscribed to a movie channel after all the video stores in town closed, to my pleasant surprise they showed it(uncut).
They say patience is a virtue they got that right this time.The killer Chromeskull unlike other killers there is no history here and we are as confused as The Girl(Bobbi Sue Luther)(also produced the film)when she awakes in a coffin.She escapes the Funeral home and finds she is being stalked by this maniac.He is recording his killings and that makes it creepy in itself. Scream 4 tried that element and it fell flat FAST!.
The actors are unknowns and that is OK as most great horror films (almost)always have unknowns in
 them. I like the feel of this film and the group of people behind the effects of the killings are:
Almost Human Effects
                             Almost Human Website

I enjoyed this film but had to watch it in two parts as it gave my wife a stomach ache from all the killings at one point she said it looked like a snuff film-gives you an idea how good the effects really are.
                                                                                                                              Laid To Rest Trailer(click here)

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