Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Scares You?: Fridays always make me Scream!!

This first film is a documentary in the history of Camp Crystal Lake. "His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday The 13th".
For those of us that enjoy Jason and his killing sprees, this is a welcome film for a long time coming. Tom Savani master at the special effects of countless film is our host. The host that entertains us with a mock chase of a woman(by Jason of course).
The cast of all the films, the directors, the Jason's and even some people in the media get to share their love for these films and this was clearly made with a love for these films, all more the reason that I liked this so much.Kane Hodder makes mention that the only time he was in full costume outside of "Friday The 13th" films was when he was on The Arsinio Hall Show.  Enjoy!!

Having just witnessed Wes Cravens last(poor)attempt to keep his Scream Franchise alive, thus making His Name was Jason  a joy to watch. There are three different starts to this film, each one worse than the one before it.
There are three actors that have been in all four films and their characters never grow or mature. The man that created so much horror with his early films has definitely lost his touch with the horror that he is so treasured for and has resulted in directing horror for teens.Not only that but after his terrible last three(now four)films I have given up on him.
Please Mr.Craven remember your roots we the horror fan only ask that of you.

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Anthony Nadeau

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