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Hill Street Blues--Where are they now?? Part 1


Daniel J Travanti: Captain Frank Furillo

In 1981 & 1982 he won  Emmy Awards for his performance in the show also in 1982 he won a Golden Globe for the same role.
In 1985 he  won the Q Award for best actor from Viewers for Quality Television.
His Captain on the show always made his Officers stand up and be the best they could be he would not tolerate anything less from his Police force.
Since the show he has had a number of roles on
Missing Persons-1993-1994
The Outer Limits
Poltergeist: The Legacy
Prison Break -2005-2006
Greys Anatomy
and two shows this year
Boss (TV Series)2011
One Small Hitch(Post Production)2011

Taurean Blacque: Detective SGT. Neal Washington

Tauren was a seasoned actor far long before joining The Hill.
Charlies Angels, Good Times & Taxi just to name a few, his days after his Detective role have been fair as well.
In The Heat of the Night(TV Series)1994
The Client(TV Series)1995
Recently he did a video  Step Off and Battle(a film I guess that is 2011)

Bruce Weitz: Sgt Mick Belker

More like an animal at times than a human Belker was the basic bad cop(with a bite)prior to the show his character is known for biting off a perps nose.
Mr Weitz had a good run on "Mama's Boy"-1987-1988
"Anything but Love"-1991-1992
Superman(TV Series)1996-1998
"General Hospital"--2007-2011

Joe Spano: Detective Henry Goldblum

Mr Spano also has had a long run in some shows besides the one he is most known for.
Batman Beyond-1999-2000
NYPD Blue-2001-2003 where he would work again with  Dennis Franz from the later part of Hill Street.

Kiel Martin

Officer John 'J.D.' LaRue / Officer John LaRue

Mr Martin had some success after the Hill, in shows like  L.A. Law, Murder She Wrote.
He unfortunately lost his life to lung cancer in 1990

Betty Thomas:Sgt. Lucy Bates / Officer Lucy Bates
Miss Thomas has Directed more than she has acted since leaving the Hill.Such movies as "John Tucker Must Die" and "Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

I will follow up on this article with Part 2 in the next couple of weeks.

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