Friday, November 25, 2011

Independent Film Review: The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2

Being a fan of all types of movies and having worked in  a video store that was 2 blocks from a University for 5 years, I had my share of classic B-Movies.
Troma Pictures and Full Moon Entertainment are two studios that come to mind, Charles Band the owner of the company and Director and Score Composer for allot of those films is one I will soon not forget.
Thomas Berdinski is a talented man in the same right having written both parts 1 & 2 but also Produced and Directed and Score the music and designed the zombies.He has his hands full(not just Zombie guts either)
Having seen his short film on my friend Scott Ruth's Website D'ment'd Cinema  I was able to enjoy it and quickly emailed Thomas when he offered FREE screeners for people that have their own sites, blogs etc.

This film is not about zombie domination that you  see in all the other zombie films but an experiment gone wrong.There were Government tests that went wrong on the army
Here are some trailers to give you some idea as to what it's about:

The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2 Trailers

This film is allot of fun to watch and there are some pretty good looking women especially Maria Nicloodia    Maria Nicolodia's Info               
If you like zombie films or films that don't take them self seriously and want to enjoy some campy fun then this film is for you, for sure.
If not move on and don't ready anymore-party pooper!!!

I enjoyed the many story lines in most movies today you only get one storyline , that can't even keep itself together.
Here we have about 5 or 6(can't keep track really)that keep your interest and the zombies seem to be everywhere(so are their guts)

There are allot of tributes to Horror and Science Fiction films not more so than the woman Asia The Temp where she attacks a man(main character)Sgt Bruno Deodato (Brunos Info)and she laughs like crazy.
I.E. Evil Dead II:Dead by Dawn(maybe?)

There is allot of love for the art of film for the untrained eye it may seem like a student film but having taken a course in Film Editing myself(Vancouver Film School)I know its not.
I can't wait for part 3 hope it gets a big release.

Below is a link to the short film review I did August 12th 2011
                   The Giant Rubber Monster Movie         

I would like to thank Thomas Berdinski for his films and allowing me to review them as per the screener, it was very generous of him.

Thanks for reading this
Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

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