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2011: The Best Movies of 2011

Terri could have easily played like an after school special on ABC, remember those?But it doesn't actually it doesn't play like anything I saw this year as the dialogue was real and there were no pretty little answers that made everything OK. Terri(Jacob Wysocki) is an overweight boy that stays in his pajamas allot even when at school he stays(and takes care)with his uncle, who is sick.
John C. Reilly plays the Principal of the high school were Terri goes and sort of befriends him and mentors him , much to Terri's surprise.It is a great film that deserves viewing in my books.
Trailer for "Terri"
Here's a quick note on some things about the film:
Roger Ebert put it #12 on his Best 20 of 2011 Films

Berlin Film Festival put it in their 4th Annual fest this part of the festival is entitled "Unknown Pleasures" highlighting some 16 films by Independent filmmakers around the world.

Another note: Spirit Award Nominations announced Nov 30, 2011 put Patrick Dewitt in the Best First Screenplay category for "Terri".

The rest of this list is in no particular order.
Quite easily the best of the Apes movies ever made, sorry I am a die hard fan of the original series but what works best here is that the apes are just apes in this film.
Those who also agree that this was one of the biggest surprises of the summer, in that it was done so well.
The amazing part of the movie was the computer animation of the apes.
The story is the apes are being used for experiments and an overprotective mother goes nuts and starts attacking people. They shut the research centre down and James Franco takes Cesar hone and raises him like a human child.
Things go wrong and they take Cesar to a primate centre where he is housed with other apes & gorillas.
They soon get out and strongly take over the city and quite possibly the world in the sequel.
The Director got an award for his work on the film from PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
The story is below from Peta's Website.

Super 8

This movie from Director J.J. Abrams(Star Trek)is a work that is both adventure and monster movie rolled into one.
A group of kids are shooting a movie for a local competition and as they are shooting a pivotal scene at the local train station for the movie there is a huge accident and something escapes.
The adventure begins when the kids try to find out what it is that escaped and this is a great movie, lots of fun and adventure.

The kids cast in this movie are good little actors and make it believable and fun.

Hobo with a Shotgun does not need anything more than the title to tell you what the movie is about. A man down on his luck thinks that he can stop the evil man running the town he stumbles upon.
If you like Dirty Harry or Death Wish this will be watched by you for sure, if you don't care for the blood and guts don't watch.
But to watch Rutger Hauer get some revenge this is one of the better ones for sure.

The Entitled

This movie just happened upon me for no reason not hearing anything about it, not seen a trailer etc.
Was surprised when the movie got going and found it to be quite good. A young man and two kids he hardly knows holds three rich kids hostage and call their dads who are having a male bonding weekend.The suspense is kept up and plot twists galore abound.

Red State

The scary part of this movie is that this could happen and has happened before and probably again.
Kevin Smith(Clerks, Mallrats)mostly know for  comedies that not allot of people have heard of or the history of Jay & Silent Bob(what a shame)
Kevin Smith-Silent Bob(left)Jason Mewes-Jay(right)
This movie jumps at you fast and fierce I do think the editing for the preacher scene could have been cut about 5 minutes shorter, but that's all the complaints I have.
A local religious cult have kidnapped three friends and are going to sacrifice them to their lord.
The FBI get involved and things get really ugly and messy.

Let me start by saying I had no intention of watching this but then my two boys wanted to see it and boy am I glad I sat and watched it with them.
Rango(Johnny Depp) is about a chameleon that is in the wrong town but tries to clean it up while he is there.

Sort of "Shane" and "High Noon" animated with allot of freaky looking creatures, some great songs and a cool villain Rattlesnake Jake(Bill Nighy).

X-Men: First Class
Here is another this year that I was unsure of but the acting and the direction, mostly the introduction of Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto(Micheal Fassbender)

 and Charles Xavier(James McAvoy) were the highlights for me.

The Adjustment Bureau
Matt Damon has made himself an adventure king with the Bourne Trilogy and now this one being another who done it with allot of twists and not very clear sometimes but they always come clear in the end.

That's What I am
When our young children are bullying one another there are very few people that actually stand up and stand out.
Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison)is paired up by his teacher
It isn't really until Big G stands up for Andy where things really start to play up for Andy.
This is a release by WWE Studios and may be their best feature yet, that being said there is a cameo by Randy Orton.

Once again a trailer for an animated movie tricked me and made it look bad, but this one was great probably my favorite animated film of the year!
Nigel(Jemaine Clement) is great as the villainous bird who hates Blu(Jesse Eisenberg)

Last but definitely NOT LEAST

If you thought my two reviews of Rio and Rango were bad then this will shock you, yes one of the best films I watched this year was The Giant Rubber Monster Movie!! 

This is crazy right?Why am I crazy? Well this film is only 15 minutes long, however look at my worst of 2011 I would rather watch this over and over again than sit through 1 minute of any of those films. This film is as cheesy as Cartmans Cheezie Poofs on South Park or Spaceballs or better yet:
Attack of The Killer Tomatoes. What makes this stand out IS the cheesiness and the absolute love for film.
Thank you Thomas!

Honorable Mentions for 2011!!

Green Hornet, Sanctum, Drive Angry, Priest, 
Lincoln Lawyer, Captain America: The First Avenger, Final Destination 5, Everything Must Go, Spy Kids 4:All The Time in the World, The Ledge.

I Thank you for reading this, let me know if you agree or not in the comments section please.
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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