Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: The Worst Movies of 2011

This is a list compiled solely by me with no outside influence, bare in mind that I have not seen every film released this year, nor intend to do so.

#1 Worst Movie of 2011

Seen this movie too? Then you probably will agree, if you have not seen this, you may thank me now for letting you know this.This movie is another attempt at last person on Earth when you have movies before it like:
Night of the Comet(1984)(USA)
The Quiet Earth(1985)(New Zealand)
I find it hard to believe anything by Hollywood standards today it is especially hard to get Hayden Christenson to make you believe anything, except that he is Darth Vader

Other notable losers of the year are:

Battle: Los Angeles

This poor attempt to make us feel threatened by yet another Hollywood alien invasion----(Yawn)
In this one its the Military against the giant Alien invasion. I believe I saw this before and it was called Aliens!!


Wow yet another alien invasion--sorry he talks too. E.T. went home why did this idiot have to come here and why did the talent that made Shawn of the Dead & Hott Fuzz make this for us to groan at?

Sucker Punch
Too bad where the movies strength is the Cinematography , but that is all that is holding this mess together. If a movie that depicts women as sex objects and battle princesses interest you then this one is for you.If you do your thinking above the waistline then watch something else.

Scream 4:
I used to be one of the first to defend Wes Craven when people attacked his films, but now I might start my own revolt against him. Wow its been a while since the kids in town have been killed off for no other reason than to make some more pointless money, right Mr Craven?

The Beaver:
Not feeling well? feel like no-one understands you-well, you are right on the last one get your hand out of the puppets ass and maybe we'll talk otherwise-GET LOST! I never found myself or anything else by grabbing a puppet and talking to my hand, D'OH! South Park!!what would Mr. Garrison's opinion on all this be??!!

Or should we call it----"The Hangover for Women" Yes the chemistry between the two lead actresses is enough to recommend this but that is about all, actually that is all.

Larry Crowne:
 Larry  has job, Larry loses job, Larry takes course to make himself better, Larry falls for teacher, teacher hates Larry.
End of movie teacher loves Larry
Larry leaves
THE END, kind of simple don't you think the screenwriter should have tried harder than trying to re-write See Spot Run?(the book)

Bad acting, Bad premise for Thor & also worse placement of Natalie Portman this man has seen.
She should have donned her ballerina shoes and tapped her way out of this one.

Bad Teacher

I guess they thought with the name and the actress they got for the role the movie would do good for the younger men as they might have thought it was a sex movie.But it is not and it should definitely not been listed as a comedy.
It is dry from the word go the car wash scene doesn't even help this turkey.

Attack the Block

Honestly I really wanted to like this movie but it failed so poorly in its delivery and the aliens were badly done.It's another alien invasion but the kids on this block are holding down the fort, or are they?

Wrong Turn 4 : Bloody Beginnings
Having been a fan of the first 2 movies in this series I am really disappointed where they are going with the rest of the series, now we get to see the orgins of the deranged brothers? thanks I'll pass.


The biggest question on this one is what the hell happened to the story?The answer? Unknown Starring Liam Neeson.He bumps his head and someone steals his identity, he goes to get it back but he isn't who he says he is, no-one is who they say they are. Damn I'm all confused now ...who am I?

Source Code

With a movie like the Source Code and the before mentioned Unknown it's a treat when a movie like The Adjustment Bureau comes along and makes you forget trash like these.

Horrible Bosses
Ever hate your boss enough to kill? then this movie might suit you, no? me neither and I guess that's why not one part of this was funny.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau
Look for my Best of 2011 coming soon!

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