Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Top 30 Christmas Films(or Specials)

#24-Amazing Stories --Santa '85

Before leaving the North Pole Mrs Claus tells Santa that the world has changed and allot of people are less likely to be welcoming to him and is he sure he wants to go.

Upon entering one of the houses the chimney is blocked and so he enters through a window that is alarmed.
Being startled he runs outside where the police are waiting for him.
When he is on the front lawn the young boy tell his mom
"Mom, I think you should let him go"
His mother gets him in the house and into bed where he turns and sees something moving outside his window
He of course sees Santa's sleigh and his reindeer  he sneaks out of the house to go see Santa.
 Santa is booked in the jail and upon entering the cell is told by the Sheriff  that if he really was the REAL Santa why didn't he get his favorite gun when he was a child.Santa said even he makes mistakes, the Sheriff  then pushes him in and Santa joins all the local drunks who weren't so good themselves.
The young boy arrives at the jail with Santa's reindeer and they break him free.

Upon leaving the area Santa makes a turn and drops a present over the arresting officer.

 Santa gives the Sheriff the gun that he never got when he was a child.A Buck Rogers Space gun.
He watches Santa leave and joins some Carollers in some Festive songs.

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Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

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