Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Top 30 Christmas Films(or Specials)

#24-South Park: Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo

The show starts with a song from the South Park Elementary choir.
Kyle then performs the scene from "Charlie Brown Christmas" when Linus asks "Light's Please".
The group of Kyle, Stan and Cartman are all in a Christmas play that starts offending Kyle's mother, because they are Jewish and it is a play about the birth of Jesus.
She complains to the Mayor of South Park others complain about the Christmas trees and so on.

Cartman has a nasty song about Kyle's mother after Mr Garrison says they can only sing non-denominational Christmas songs.
Kyle starts to hear his name from the toilet when he is in brushing his teeth and out pops "Mr Hanky-The Christmas Poo".

At the end of the show it is shown to everyone that Mr Hanky is real and he tells everyone to stop their fighting and complaining and remember why we have this day is to make cookies and be happy.
Hope this makes your Christmas better knowing there is poo in the world that cares.
(Also Kenny NEVER dies in this episode)

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Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

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