Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: Top 30 Christmas Films(or Specials)#2

             #2-How The Grinch Stole Christmas(1966)
This great short is great for a re-telling of A Christmas Carol. The Grinch lives above Whoville and is tired of Christmas and wants to take it all away from them.
He heads down the hill with his trusty innocent dog to take all the Christmas away.

He loads all the presents and decorations into his bags ,but then he runs into Cindy Loo Who.
He lies to her about the tree he just stuffed up the chimney and leaves Whoville.

When he reaches his home he listens down to hear all the Who's crying and such, heard songs instead.
This made the Grinch realize that Christmas isn't about all the decorations and gifts its much more than that, his heart grew two sizes that day.

He rushed back down the hill and gave everything back to the Who's.

He ended up staying for dinner and cut the roast beast.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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