Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jon Aaron: Man of many hats

Jon Aaron is a young man of Many talents and trades(of sorts).
Pictured above at Adstock this year with his band

The Bone Daddies

A young band with allot of heart and punk!I met Jon at Adstock this year and had the pleasure of talking with him about some things.They will have be on hiatus until about July 2012 as their guitarist  is in the Army and has been stationed out their last show will be this friday Dec 23 2011 at 
The Wolf Bar(Maple Ridge)

                     Anti Christmas Eve-Eve Facebook page

                                    BoneDaddies Facebook Page

He is also Assistant Manager of "Outer Limits" a skate shop in Haney Place Mall in Maple Ridge BC.
Also works part time at a print shop where he is able to make the shirts for his band and other things like 

Horrorshow takes place the last friday of each month at Hollywood 3 Cinemas in Pitt Meadows.
This months feature is "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Tim Burton's great flick, he has had a few complaints that it is after Christmas and not before, but that is the agreement he has with the Cinema Management and the time slot is after all the scheduled films have played.The turnout for the last 2 shows was low lets support him and try and get there this month.

Once a week he is host of 

                                          Rad Radio (Facebook Page)

An hour of local and world punk rock etc, he has a co-host Jay who is also in a band.They have allot of fun and can be listened to live on Thursday nights at 10pm(Pacific Time)this has been 2 years now since the show began and tonight they celebrate that great accomplishment with a 2 hour Christmas Special
(Dec 22 2011)so tune in and enjoy the music, also the hosts.

We had a great little chat when Jon stopped by the house and we talked about a great many things esp Punk Rock and things of that nature, he is a very pastionate young man and it was nice chatting with him.
It makes me feel good to talk to a young man that has so much knowledge of the world around him, he surrounds himself with  people that care for him and he for others.
This is when he played "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"(1974) at the Horrorshow and a friend dressed as Leatherface.Below is links to Bone Daddies sites where you can hear some of their music.
Great group of guys. Let me know if you like what you hear.
I REALLY enjoy listening to "The Warden" great song!!

                      Bone Daddies MySpace Page

Don't Go-The Bone Daddies in Kelowna(Video)

Bad Reaction-The Bone Daddies-Video of their performance

If you can answer this one question about the band you will entered in a draw to win 1 of 4
Bone Daddies CD.
What day on the tour is it for the Bone Daddies?
(answer found in first video-"Don't Go")
Email with name, address etc and the answer, I will pick winners in the New Year.
(Contest only open to Canadian Residents)

Thank you for reading this 
Written by

Anthony Nadeau

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