Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Wild Target

Wild Target (2010)

  98 min  -  Action | Comedy | Crime


Jonathan Lynn


Lucinda Coxon (screenplay)Pierre Salvadori(film "Cible √©mouvante")

This film was allot of fun, Emily Blunt is so damn cute its sometimes hard to focus on any other part of this film(in my opinion).
She also seems effortless in her performance here, Meryl Streep has been quoted as saying that Emily Blunt may be the best young actress she has ever worked with. This film was released before The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon.
The film opens and she has a blond wig on and is trying to scam a local crime boss played well by Rupert Everett.

Bill Nighy(Underworld, Shaun of the Dead) plays a hitman that is hired to kill her, but ends up helping her when another hitman is sent to do the same  job.
Rupert Grint(Harry Potter Series)also gets in the mix when he oversees allot of the goings on in the parkade.
The three of them try to lay low and go to a hotel and stay in the same room together.
In the hotel room Emily Blunts character tells Bill Nighy 
"I have only known you for three hours, but it would take three days to list what I don't like about you"
That is quite simply one of the best lines written in sometime.
I really enjoyed this film for allot of reasons mostly that it never took itself seriously and everyone involved seemed to have fun as well. Have a look at the trailer below and have a look.

                                   Wild Target Trailer

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